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Okayyes (18) from GeorgiaDogmom71 (42) from Georgia
Tomsker (50) from Dohaalyally911 (18) from Ohio
Drew420oswald (26) from Californiajolee (27) from Pennsylvania
baller420blazin (20) from Texasalliekat89 (24) from Arizona
deezydba (29) from Pennsylvania420gamerchick (22) from Texas
TheReuv (55) from JerusalemSassybabe11 (20) from West Virginia
Silent65 (19) from Californiashelbymorris (20) from Oklahoma
khannadd (24) from Kathgodamnatalie_jae (22) from Indiana
kato_1127 (18) from Texasgnsabgr69 (26) from Missouri
amir344 (29) from PeshawarClaudiaLee5493 (20) from South Carolina

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